One of the many attractions in Ras Al Khaimah is Iceland Water Park:

Iceland Water Park is a one-stop attraction containing both entertainment and dining options suitable for the entire family. At least 16 separate attractions are located within Iceland Water Park including a Kid’s Cove. This area is dedicated to toddlers and contains a sand pit, miniature slides and shallow waters.

Of course, there are also more adventurous rides for those who desire a thrill. Mt. Cyclone is one of the thrill rides offered by the water park. It takes guests on a heart-stopping ride appropriate for those who are strong swimmers and in good physical shape. The Iceland Water Park has an attraction perfect for every age group and a good combination of adventurous verses calm rides. For this reason, this park is perfect for the whole family and a great way to spend a day in Ras Al Khaimah. Even His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi approves of the water park.

Complete list of attractions:

  • Penguin Falls: The largest man-made waterfall in the world measuring 540 feet wide and 120 feet tall.
  • Mount Fury: This attraction is a fury of nature containing the slides Snow Storm, Typhoon and Blizzard.
  • Mount Tempest: Glacier movements and rock debris lead to the exciting rides Cresto Burrows and Glacier Slides.
  • Mount Cyclone: Detailed above.
  • Mount Iceberg: A Grand Prix race called Iceberg Rally invites guests to race each other down Aqua Shute.
  • Mount Attack: Three slides named the Raider, Sortie and the Striker combine to give guests a thrilling ride.
  • Arctic Wave: The Arctic Wave pool offers guests the experience of an ocean in this 3,000 meter wave pool.
  • Penguin Bay: The largest rain dance pool in the world measuring 60,000 square feet offers guests the Rock Hoppers Den, Rain Showers, Open Disco and Shaded Disco.
  • Mount Boomerango: This slide sends guests flying downward boomerang style. It is not for the faint of heart.
  • Kid’s Cove: Detailed above.
  • Coral Isle: A real-life snorkeling experience in a man-made coral reef compete with live fish.
  • Snow River: This 400-meter Lazy River is perfect for those who prefer calmer waters.
  • Eddy Pond: This low-speed, shallow water attraction pulls the water in a spiral motion at slow speeds and is perfect for relaxation.
  • Polar Games: This soccer experience is like no other in the world. A complete soccer field showered with rain and complete with soft turf offers guests a truly unique experience.
  • Pengu Pond: This Olympic size pool offers guests the opportunity to swim laps or practice for competitive swimming.
  • Great Tornado: This is a moderate thrill ride for beginners to enjoy.

Dining options in the park:

It seems being in or around water makes everyone hungry. For this reason, Iceland Water Park offers its guests three distinctive dining experiences. They are as follows:

  • Platter: This diner offers Pinoy delicacies such as Leche Flan, Halo halo, Bulalo, BBQ, Pancit Mike, Pancit Bihon, Beef Steak and Adobo.
  • Food Village: This dining experience offers guests a variety of fast food options with various multi cuisine fast food outlets. They are the Iceburg, which serves burgers, fries, hot dogs and chicken nuggets, the Penneguini, which offers pizza, Coriander, which offers Thai chicken, chicken masala and the Taste of Arabia, which offers Mashawi and Biryano combos. Of course, each food outlet offers more than the listed foods as well.
  • Snow Castle: This sit-down gourmet restaurant is a classy establishment located at the head of the Arctic Wave Pool with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. This restaurant is nice enough to host His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi.